Female Transportation "Wusool"
Program Definition

Female Transportation program “Wusool” is aiming to enable Saudi female workers in the private sector to increase their participation in the labor market, by providing subsidy from Human Resource Development Fund with specific conditions to support female worker in transportation cost between work and home locations to help her sustain in her job. Therefore, accomplishing 2020 National Transformation Program’s objectives. The program functions with licensed service providers from Transportation Authority in order to provide highly quality service with reasonable fare.

Subsidy Model
  1. HRDF monthly subsidy is provided by covering 80% form total cost of each trip (maximum 800 SAR in each month).
  2. Program Subsidy period is 12 months
Eligibility Criteria
  1. Saudi Nationality.
  2. Age between 18 – 65 years.
  3. GOSI status: Registered
  4. Monthly salary (as registered in GOSI) should be 8000 SAR or less
  5. Total GOSI subscription is 36 months or less
Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wusool Program?

It is a subsidy program provided by Human Resources Development Fund with a cooperation with E-Hailing mobile application services. It aims to support Saudi Female workers to transport between their Home and Work locations as an encouragement to join the workforce and to increase their job sustainability.

What are the objectives of this program?

Transportation subsidy program "Wusool" is aiming to enable Saudi females to work in the privet sector by providing support her to overcome transportation obstacles from work to home to increase her job sustainability.

Who can apply to the program?

any woman who meets the following conditions:

  • Saudi Nationality
  • Age between 18 – 65 years.
  • GOSI status: Registered
  • Month salary (as registered in GOSI) should be 8000 SAR or less.
  • Total GOSI subscription is 36 months or less.

What are the cities that covered by Wusool program?

Wusool program has 90% coverage of cities across Saudi Arabia, which are:

Riyadh, Jeddah, Makkah, Madinah, Al Hasa, Taif, Dammam, Khamis Mushait, Buraidah, Khobar, Tabuk, Qatif, Hail, Jubail, Kharj, Abha and Yanbu.

What are the steps to register in Wusool program?

  1. Go to www.Wusool.sa.
  2. Click on (Join now), then, the page will be automatically transferred to TAQAT portal.
  3. Sign in\ Sign up as a new user in TAQAT
  4. From "Programs" list, choose "Wusool"
  5. Click on "Apply" and the portal will check your eligibility.
  6. After check eligibility successfully, the page will automatically move to information page.
  7. Fill all required information and click "Save".
  8. You will receive an acceptance notice on the same email address that registered in TAQAT which will contain all infographic of how to activate the service.

Does the program accept Public sectors' employees?

The program accepts any woman who meets all program conditions and one of them is to be registered in GOSI.

I do not know how to use E-hailing service application on mobile. How can I know how to use it?

You can check service use guide which will explain how to activate and use the service.

Is there any way of contact if I had any query?

Yes, you can send your query to us by visiting HRDF branches, HRDF website, HRDF social media accounts or TAQAT portal.

How can I withdraw from the program

You can withdraw from Wusool by sending withdrawal request on: https://www.hrdf.org.sa/ContactUs

After receiving your request, you will be contacted by the customer service to close your request.

I was illegible because of not subscribing in GOSI?

The user should be registered in GOSI to be eligible in GOSI and should not be exceeding more than 36 months.

I was eligible in TAQAT, what should I do next?

After confirming user eligibility to join Wusool, the user should be selecting work and home locations and the service activation link will be sent within one week.

Can the female worker get benefit from Wusool and other HRDF programs like Qurrah at the same time?

Yes, any eligible women can apply to any other program at the same time.

Does joining to Wusool program can affect or conflict with any other HRDF program?

No, joining to Wusool does not effect of be conflict with any other HRDF program.

Does Wusool program needs weekly update?

No, Wusool program does not need any weekly update. It will continue automatically until the user subscription in GOSI stopes or consuming all subsidy period.