Female Transportation "Wusool"

Program Overview

Female Transportation program "Wusool" is an initiative made by HRDF with the support of MLSD to enable working women to work in the private sector and increase their participation in the labor market. "Wusool" project aims to help the female employee overcome the difficulties of transportation to and from their workplace and to support their job stability.
The project is financially supported by the Human Resources Development Fund and in cooperation with the application of private taxis to provide high quality transportation service at a reasonable cost


Program Benefits

Increase the percentage of the participation of working women in the private sector and reduce the unemployment percentage. Support job stability for working women who face obstacles in finding transportation. Improving and developing the environment of transportation for the Saudi working women. Enable social insurance beneficiaries to join the labor market. Subsidy period is 18 months (starting from service start-date). The beneficiary pays minimum fare 200 riyals per month for her work- home trip coasts. Then, subsidy will be activated by discounting 80% of each trip fare through the promo code of the project to maximum amount of 800 riyals per month.

Subsidy coverage details as following:

  • 1-6 months: 80% Coverage.
  • 7-12 months: 60% Coverage.
  • 13-18 months: 40% Coverage.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Gender: Female
  • Nationality: Saudi   
  • Age: 18- 65 years.
  • Monthly salary: 5000 S.R or less.
  • Registered in GOSI.
  • One year or less of total period of GOSI subscription.