Professional Certificates Support Program
Program Summary

This program aims to empower the national manpower to gain approved professional certificates in miscellaneous career areas required by the Saudi labor market.

The program is intended to upgrade the personnel efficiency in both the government and private sectors, increasing the productivity in the labor market, creating more employment opportunities and promoting the national competencies through the concept of (Development and Succession).

Since “HRDF “has a firm belief in the collaboration principle’s role in developing the labor market, the program therefore has been linked to the strategic objectives of the Ministry of Labor & Social Developments with its affiliated firms' system and the HRDF strategic objectives endeavoring to build strong productive stable national manpower.

Program mechanism
In order to be eligible for the Professional Certificates Support Program, you must meet all of the criteria listed below:
  • Any Saudi citizen, whether working for the government sector, the private sector, or a job seeker, has the right to gain a professional career certificate.
  • The certificate must be approved and registered in the (HRDF) website and it should have been gained after the program launching date.
  • The applicant should admit that the entity which he/she works for has not paid the costs of the certificate.
  • HRDF pays the costs subsidy for only two certificates as maximum for the Individual.
  • The certificate gained by the applicant should be valid and unexpired.

Click here to see 'Professional Certificates Support Program' approved certificates.

What is the Professional Certification Support Program?

It is a program provided by the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) to encourage and motivate the national workforce, business organizations and job seekers to obtain professional certificates to develop their skills and expertise in the specialized fields required in the labor market.

What is the benefit of a professional certificate?

A professional certificate is an approved means of indicating the level of the individual and his/her professional skills in the labor market, in order to make decisions of selection, recruitment, promotion and career future development, in addition to developing his/her skills and expertise in the specialized fields required in the labor market.

Can anyone get compensation for earning a professional certificate?

Compensation will be provided to any Saudi citizen who is keen to develop his/her skills and who has a professional certificate, whether employed by the government or private sector or job seeker, after the date of launching the program according to the approved certificate list.

What are the conditions for obtaining compensation for costs of earning professional certification?
  1. The compensation eligible person must be a Saudi citizen, whether employed in the public or private sector or a job seeker.
  2. The certificate must be approved and registered on HRDF's website and shall be obtained after the date of launching the program.
  3. The applicant shall certify that his/her employer has not paid the costs of the certificate obtained.
  4. The maximum number of certificates that can be supported by HRDF is only two.
  5. The certificate obtained by the applicant must be valid and not expired.
  6. Registration in the Professional Certificate Support Program does not affect the individual's eligibility to benefit from other HRDF's programs
How many certificates which their costs will be paid to the beneficiary?

The maximum number of certificates that can be supported by HRDF is only two.

How is the beneficiary compensated?

HRDF compensates the beneficiary financially through depositing the costs directly into his or her account through the IBAN number listed on Taqat.

How long does it take me to get the compensation?

Approval process goes through stages of verification and the reimbursement amount is paid once that completed.

Shall the costs of any professional certification be compensated?

Compensation shall be made if the beneficiary has obtained one of the certificates approved by HRDF and the obtainment of that certificate must be after the date of launching the program (May 2016).

Do I get paid for a professional certificate that I have obtained earlier?

The beneficiary will only be compensated for the certificates obtained after the program launch date (May 2016).

Shall I be compensated in the event of obtaining a professional certificate without a training certificate?

Yes, compensation is made for professional certification without requiring prior training.

What are the certificates approved by HRDF? You can learn about the latest approved certifications by:
  1. Visiting the program page on the HRDF portal.
  2. Visiting the Professional Certificate Support page in Taqat.
Is the approved certificate list fixed or changeable?

The list is subject to change in the future depending on the needs of the labor market.

I have obtained (SOCPA Membership Certificate) and I want to be compensated for its cost. Where can I apply? Can I apply for the fellowship certificate or the sub-certificates?

If you are a fellowship holder and wish you to receive compensation, you can apply for a fellowship certificate and upload the certificate as a proof.

But if you wish to receive partial compensation after successfully passing one of the fellowship's subjects, then the compensation shall not be paid because it is paid only for the fellowship certificate.

How can I get compensation for the costs of a professional certification?

You can register in Taqat and raise a reimbursement request.

Where are the obtained professional certificates uploaded or submitted?

From within the program page in Taqat and then you can select the certificate obtained.

Are there any requirements to validate the certificate?

Yes, there is a written acknowledgement form for approval of the verification requested from the verification body, and it shall be attached with the certificate at the time of upload.

Can I register in the program before I get a professional certificate?

Yes, the beneficiary can register whether he/she wishes to obtain a professional certificate, or holds one and wants to be compensated for its costs.

What is the purpose of registering beneficiaries who are willing to obtain a professional certificate?

A person wishing to obtain a certificate registers to have the opportunity to know which certificates' costs he/she will be compensated for and the location.

A period of 18 months will be granted from the date of his/her registration for the professional certificate; after the period elapses the system will automatically cancel his/her request and he/she must be re-registered again.

After I have enrolled in the program and chosen the certificate I would like to obtain, I received a reminder that I did not get the certificate even though I was in the training stage to sit for the certification test?

Sending the reminder within 18 months after the registration is an automatic process, and will stop after uploading the certificate on the registration website.

What if the cost of the certificate is higher than that determined by HRDF?

Compensation is at a fixed cost for each professional certificate.

Regarding the cost of the training certificate, the beneficiary will be compensated with the same amount paid by him/her on condition that it shouldn't exceed the amount determined by HRDF, provided that the payment receipt is attached. Illustrative Example:

If the value of the training certificate paid by the applicant is SR 2000, and the maximum value of the compensation is SR 3000 = the compensation given to the applicant shall be SR2000.

Another Illustrative example:

If the value of the training certificate paid by the applicant is SR 5000, and the maximum value of the compensation is SR3000 = the compensation for the applicant will be SR 3, 000.

Does benefiting from this program affect the eligibility of the beneficiary to benefit from the other support programs?

Benefitting from this program does not affect the eligibility of the beneficiary to benefit from other support programs provided by HRDF.

I can't upload the certificate on the system!

Please make sure that the size of the certificate does not exceed 5 MB, and when you face any other problem while you are sure that all the conditions are met, please contact the representatives of the Call Center for customer service (920020301).

How can I submit complaint if the professional certificate reimbursement request is rejected?

You can raise complaint by accessing the request page and click on the complaint button at the end of the request.

what is the period would be given to me to correct my application if my request is returned?

Once request is returned to the applicant, applicant will have 30 days to correct/ provide additional documents, otherwise the request will be closed.

I would like to challenge the result of a rejected and closed request!

If the client has verified that the reason for the rejection is incorrect, he/she may challenge the decision by submitting a ticket to the Customer Service Center.

What if challenging required attaching additional documents?
  1. If you are challenging the result of a support request, the ticket shall be submitted on the same request page.
  2. If you are challenging the outcome of a previous challenging ticket, the ticket shall be submitted to the Customer Service Center, and if any additional documents are needed, they should be sent the program e-mail (