Hafiz, Difficulty Finding Employment

The Hafiz, Difficulty Finding Employment program provides Employment Support (ES) services as well as financial assistance in order to support and enable the job search. These significant benefits are intended for active job seekers with a desire to gain knowledge and skills on their way to finding employment. Financial support, provided for a period of 1 year, may ease the strain of unemployment and allow job seekers to fully focus on finding work.

The Hafiz, Difficulty Finding Employment program is intended for job seekers who have already completed Hafiz, Searching for Employment, or are between the ages of 36-60 (and therefore not eligible for Hafiz, Searching for Employment).

  • Job seekers enrolled in Hafiz, Difficulty Finding Employment will automatically benefit from the Employment Support (ES) platform which provides access to job placement centers, TAQAT-online job postings, Liqaat career fairs, numerous education and training offerings, and many more services.
  • Job seekers enrolled in this program will benefit from financial support for 1 year during their job search period, paid monthly. This support is intended to ease the financial hardship of unemployment while beneficiaries focus on searching for a job.
  • Financial assistance begins at 1,500 SAR per month and declines to 1,250 SAR in the 5th month and 1,000 SAR in the 9th month.
  • Beneficiaries are able to suspend their financial support before the completion of 1 year, and return later to receive the remaining payments if and when needed.

Beneficiaries of the program are required to fulfill certain "obligations", intended to help find and sustain employment as well as signal commitment to a serious job search. These obligations represent commitments, made by all beneficiaries of Hafiz, Difficulty Finding Employment, to complete key tasks and trainings detailed below. The generous benefits of this program are made possible through the honesty of beneficiaries in fulfilling their commitments.Therefore, failure to comply with obligations will result in potential financial penalties and/or termination from the program.

Obligations include:

  • Periodic Sign On (PSO): Requirement to sign on to the TAQAT online portal once per week to receive certain small assignments (for example: complete a form or attend an e-training). The PSO obligation is fulfilled once all steps and actions are complete;
  • Attend assigned E-trainings and classroom trainings: Requirement to attend all assigned trainings, both online and in classrooms. These are an excellent way to learn new skills, and also help make beneficiaries more attractive to employers;
  • Attend job interviews: Requirement to attend all job interviews. Interviews are a critical part of finding employment, and are also an important skill to learn. In order to avoid losing benefits, beneficiaries must be respectful of interested employers and attend assigned interviews.
  • Accept suitable job offers: Requirement to not reject more than two job offers which are deemed as appropriate. The purpose of Hafiz, Difficulty Finding Employment is to enable finding work, so it is expected that beneficiaries will accept a suitable job when it is offered.

If an obligation is failed, the job seeker is subject to financial penalties and/or termination from the program as shown in the table below:

Failed obligation



Failing to complete Periodic Sign  On (PSO) 125 SAR After 6 occurrences
Not completing an assigned training 125 SAR After 4 occurrences
Not attending an interview 125 SAR After 4 occurrences
Not attending a Job Placement Center appointment 125 SAR After 4 occurrences
Rejecting a suitable job offer -- After 3 occurrences

Full compliance time: Note that beneficiaries of Hafiz, Difficulty Finding Employment must initially complete all assignments and receive zero penalties for a period of 2 months before financial support will begin. Failure to complete one or more obligations during this compliance period will result in termination from the program.

Individuals enrolling in Hafiz, Difficulty Finding Employment should meet the following criteria:
  • Should be aged between 36 and 60 years, OR
  • Should have completed the program Hafiz, Searching for Employment;
  • Should not be benefiting or eligible to benefit from the Hafiz, Searching For Employment program;
  • Should be a Saudi national (male or female) or have a Saudi mother;
  • Should be eligible to work;
  • Should not be currently employed;
  • Should not be currently receiving training at an academic or professional institution;
  • Should not have any trading or commercial activities;
  • Should not be benefiting from an income that is equal or above the financial assisstance he/she will be receiving once enrolled in the program;
  • Should not be benefitting from a pension salary;
  • Should not be benefiting from a fixed pension or financial support;
  • Should be a resident of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for at least 10 months of the period during which he/she would be benefiting from the program;
  • Should meet the following time-frames before submitting his/her application:
    • Should not have obtained post-graduate degrees or similar within the past 6 months;
    • Should not have withdrawn  from studies or training within the past 6 months;
    • Should not have held a job within the past 3 months;
  • Should not have any trading or commercial activities;
  • Should not, unless for a valid and acceptable reason, break with any of the above eligibility criteria during the period application review  
How to register

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