Employment Support

The Employment Support (ES) program is the core unemployment offering of the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF). The program exists to support job seekers in their search for employment through a diverse array of valuable employment services. These include access to Job Placement Centers (JPCs), online job postings and job fairs, classroom trainings and online courses, and many other resources. Beneficiaries of Employment Support thus receive aid and encouragement through every stage of the job-search process: finding postings, developing skills and knowledge, crafting applications, sustaining employment.

The services of the Employment Support program are available to the unemployed, employed, and students, and do not expire so long as obligations are fulfilled. Note that past beneficiaries and those currently enrolled in Hafiz, Searching for Employment, Hafiz, Difficulty Finding Employment, and Saned already receive the benefits of Employment Support and therefore are not eligible to apply.

  • Job seekers enrolled in Employment Support will benefit from access to multiple employment services channels including:
    • Job Placement Centers (JPCs)
    • TAQAT-online (job search platform)
    • Liqaat (career fairs and online career fairs)
    • Recruitment Offices
    • HRDF Branches
  • Job seekers enrolled in Employment Support will benefit from access to multiple training and education channels including:
    • Online e-training
    • On-the-job training
    • Classroom training
    • Employer Driven Academy (EDA)
    • Career education (to be launched soon)
    • Job schools (to be launched soon)

Beneficiaries of the program are required to fulfill certain "obligations", intended to help find and sustain employment as well as signal commitment to a serious job search. These obligations represent commitments, made by all beneficiaries of Employment Support, to complete key tasks and trainings detailed below. The generous benefits of this program are made possible through the honesty of beneficiaries in fulfilling their commitments. Therefore, failure to comply with obligations will result in potential termination from the program.

Obligations include:

  • Periodic Sign On (PSO): Requirement to sign on to the TAQAT online portal once per week to receive certain small assignments (for example: complete a form or attend an e-training). The PSO obligation is fulfilled once all steps and actions are complete;
  • Attend assigned E-trainings and classroom trainings: Requirement to attend all assigned trainings, both online and in classrooms. These are an excellent way to learn new skills, and also help make beneficiaries more attractive to employers;
  • Attend job interviews: Requirement to attend all job interviews. Interviews are a critical part of finding employment, and are also an important skill to learn. In order to avoid losing benefits, beneficiaries must be respectful of interested employers and attend assigned interviews.

If an obligation is failed consistently, the job seeker is subject to termination from the program as shown in the table below:

Failed obligation


Not completing an assigned training

After 6 occurrences

Not attending an interview

After 6 occurrences

Failing to complete Periodic Sign  On (PSO)

After 12 occurrences

Not attending a  Job Placement Center appointment

After 6 occurrences


Individuals enrolling in Employment Support should meet the following requirements:

  • Should be one of the below:
    • Saudi National;
    • Non Saudi from a Saudi Mother;
  • Should be 18 years old or older;
  • Should be eligible to work;

Students, retirees, unemployed and employed persons, are all eligible to register in the Employment Support program.

How to register
Click here and follow the easy steps to register for this program.