Child Care "Qurrah"
Program Definition

Child Care Program Qurrah is an initiative made by HRDF with the support of MLSD to enable Saudi women to join the work force and to provide them stability at work by subsidizing them to enroll their children in child care centers during their working hours.

Through this program the working mother is being subsidized for a period of time which provide her stability at work and allow her to fulfil her career goals.

Program mechanism
  1. HRDF contributes with 800 SAR of the children hospitality cost per month as maximum for each child.
  2. Subsidy Duration: until the child reaches the age of six years old.
  3. The financial subsidy decrease gradually as the following:
  • The first year: the coverage rate is 800 SAR.
  • The second year: the coverage rate is 600 SAR.
  • The third year: the coverage rate is 500 SAR.
  • The fourth year: the coverage rate is 400 SAR.
Eligibility criteria
  • Nationality is Saudi
  • Salary is 8K or below
  • Registered in GOSI
  • Subsidy to be paid for 2 children Max