Welcome to TAQAT

TAQAT the national labor gateway is a major national initiative to build the largest virtual labor market platform in KSA across both, private and public sectors.

TAQAT's mission is to offer and facilitate employment and training services, efficiently and effectively, to further sustain and develop the labor force.

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  1. Creating the largest labor market network in KSA:
    TAQAT will be the Kingdom's most comprehensive virtual labor market platform, connecting millions of employers and individuals.
  2. Easiest access to all labor market services:
    TAQAT will serve as a one-stop-shop for all labor market services, and will allow to benefit from tailored lifetime career support and to take advantage from a wide range of services offered.
  3. Widest range of jobs and talent:
    TAQAT will combine the majority of the Kingdom’s job posts across the nation, and will support in connecting the right individuals with the right employer.

TAQAT includes an intuitive and powerful matching tool that connects individuals with the employers matching their interests and supports in finding the perfect candidates. Yet, TAQAT is much more than just job matching.

TAQAT ensures a continuous career support, and facilitates training (in cooperation with Doroob) helping individuals achieve their career ambitions.

Employers will receive online and offline support ensuring that the services they need are obtained and that they can best benefit from the various labor programs within TAQAT.

TAQAT is an integrated program sponsored by the Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF). It started in 2009 when the ninth Economic Development Plan was published, making the development of human resources a national priority.

TAQAT has currently been soft launched. Over time, TAQAT will integrate new labor programs and features, while also continuing to enhance the user experience, and committed to constantly upgrading its current programs and launching new initiatives that correspond to the changing demands of the Saudi labor market.