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AL KHUBAR - Posted 1 day ago
Training Specialist
AR RIYADH - Posted 1 day ago
Applications Programmer
AL HUFUF - Posted 1 day ago
Information and Communications Technology Sales Representative
AR RIYADH - Posted 2 day ago
Human Resources Specialist
AL KHUBAR - Posted 2 day ago
Specialist Nurse
KHAMIS MUSHAYT - Posted 2 day ago
Mechanical Engineer (General)
AL WUSAYL - Posted 2 day ago
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Tips to find a job
Searching for Jobs
Searching for Jobs
Job search should not be limited to one method, such as online job portals. However, you should seek other means such as social media and using relations to reach out to employers.
Identify your skills and strengths
Identify your skills and strengths
Identifying the skills and areas of strength you possess before searching for jobs will increase the opportunity of finding the suitable job you are looking for.
Enhance your skills and experience
Enhance your skills and experience
One of the reasons job seekers face difficulties finding suitable jobs is not keeping the skills updated for today’s developing labor market, therefore you need to constantly update and enhance your skills. This can be done by taking advantage of the wide range of online training available on the internet.
Market yourself
Market yourself
There is a high level of competition now in the labor market, a job seeker must distinguish himself/herself from other candidates. One of the most important tools that you can use to market yourself is to write a professional CV that is honest and updated.